Poster Campaign October 2018
Poster Campaign February 2019

Asos was the first unisex, and body-positive brand The Student Marketing Company worked with. Our University partners were particularly excited about bringing this brand to student life. 

Asos do not conform to stereotypical body-types, instead, they relish diversity, something particularly important to GenZ. 

For one of their more recent campaigns, an amputee model was employed to represent and to celebrate the beauty and diversity in all human beings. The feedback from students was phenomenal! They loved and embraced what Asos were endeavouring to portray, asking to see even more positive diversity in their advertising. Asos desired to engage further with all of their new student customers, and to give them something back in return for their support. In the consequent months, Asos, via The Student Marketing Company, ran a poster campaign which featured a ‘£10,000 off-your-rent’ competition, plus a further 10% discount on all purchases until graduation offer. The feedback from students was, once again, overwhelming in its positivity..

Asos never fail to surprise: not only the students who they value so much, but also us at The Student Marketing Company with their incredible campaign ideas. We particularly love bringing brands like Asos to student homes, and in our own way helping to celebrate diversity.

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