The best thing about having such a unique relationship with universities is that we know what’s going on on campus, and can quickly adapt to prioritise student needs.

In 2018, the infamous ‘pink tax’ was first levied, and understandably was negatively highlighted throughout the year due to the unfair ramifications. This issue evoked a passion in students to come together to protest, and to seek the abolishment of the tax. 

Further to this, The Student Marketing Company teamed up with Bodyform in a joint fight against this punitive tax, and in an effort to provide each student a free sanitary towel. We wanted to keep what the item was discreet, so bodyform designed a bespoke packaging just for our campaign, with a sample inside and discounts included for the recipient’s next purchase.

And guess what!? In 2020, the government officially declared the abolishment of the ‘Tampon Tax’!