Camp America is an experience not-to-be missed by students. Is a unique service provided to students to aid the opportunity of travelling to the US to gain experience and knowledge. The partnership began right away, to offer as many students the once-in-a lifetime experience as possible using a variety of our services.

Our first campaign was tasked with recruiting as many students from across the UK for the next Camp America Adventure 2018. The campaign proved successful, and we continue to support Camp America by running various campaigns each year. 


Come 2019, Camp America booked in for the usual poster campaign, with that extra added step to get Camp America into the hands of students. Following the campaign, bags containing recruitment information and goodies were distributed on students’ door handles across accommodations in the UK. For a full implementation of 360 marketing, Camp America placed a ‘Wall Planner’ inside the  Welcome Boxes, to create a sense of an exciting build-up till the live date for Camp America. The idea is students will look at the planner everyday and hopefully take the opportunity of a life-time. Once again, a rise in  sign-ups deemed successful and Camp America have something in store again this year!