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The Student Marketing Company began working with Oh Polly, when a poster from one of their competitors on our stall caught their eye, at a conference in April 2019. Oh Polly were eager to begin working with us immediately, with a campaign going live just the following week. The campaign was successful in reaching the target of increasing student discount redemptions, and therefore they booked in 3 more campaigns.

The first campaign was planned strategically to coincide with the student loan drop. The Student Marketing Company rolled out a 360-nationwide poster campaign to ensure maximum engagement. Oh Polly provided a CTA to their 15% student discount via our poster campaigns.

Freshers’ Week is a fundamental in-road to unlocking the student world. Students are inundated with countless leaflets and other marketing material from hundreds of competing brands. 

An on-going trend with female fast-fashion retailers is to bring their brand to you physically via sample sales. Since Oh Polly wanted a physical presence to bolster their September poster campaign, we teamed up, and hosted their first-ever sample sale at The Student Marketing Company event ‘The Manchester Metropolitan Welcome Weekend’. This included: discounted fashion, edible freebies, branded stationery, and the ability to win prizes via competitions.

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