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Posters Campaigns – 2018 / 2019
Welcome Boxes – 2018 / 2019
Experiential Event – 2018

ClientJD Sports ServicesWelcome Boxes, Poster Campaigns, EventsYear2018-2019

The Student Marketing Company ran JD Sports’ first ever 20% student discount in-store and online. A combination of welcome-box-flyer distribution and national poster campaigns. The campaign was so well received by students nationwide it inspired JD Sports to run a student discount through various online, student authentication websites.

After the success of the 2018 poster campaign, JD Sports sought to continue promoting student discounts but to also branch out into more creative avenues to promote their brand to the youth market. 

In October 2018, JD Sports attended The Student Marketing Company’s official ‘University of Liverpool Open Day’ event where next year’s student cohort were invited onto campuses to survey the facilities. Boasting DJ’s / breakdancers / football freestylers and featuring trainer giveaways, JD were the main attraction and left the students very much wanting more of the JD experience.

For 2019 freshers, JD Sports chose to give out 200,000 free trainer/drawstring bags to first year and college students all over the country. The bags could be seen on campuses in over 30 cities, with students using them for carrying books/laptops to lectures, or alternatively as gym bags advertising JD Sports organically in their own right; evidencing that JD Sports are the ‘King of Trainers’!

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