The Student Marketing Company have previously worked with various brands from The Hut Group, exemplified most recently with our partnership link up with MyProtein. Research suggests that Gen-Z, more than any other preceding social demographic, values and attempts to embody and balance physical fitness, healthy eating, and mental health also as personal priorities – which is why this partnership was of significant importance to all stakeholders. 

With this as our steer, The Student Marketing Company focused the perspective of our 2019 welcome box accordingly, and in consultative agreement with the universities. All involved parties were driven by a strong desire to engage with students in those rapidly-growing markets of health and well-being, and so chose to theme the boxes ‘Health, Well-Being and Sustainability’. MyProtein provided 2 attractive incentives via their flyer included in the welcome box: one, a code offering a huge 33% student discount, and in addition to this a discount coupon of £15. 

As a result of this, the follow-up research indicated that 73% of the students who received the boxes had purchased MyProtein products before, with 42% of those saying that they would be redeeming the offers. MyProtein were, naturally, very much impressed, and strongly desired to continue to be able, through The Student Marketing Company, to reach students inside their homes. Together we ran a follow-up campaign the consequent November, this time, boasting a best-in-market 40% discount code, exclusively for students.

We are excited to work on future projects with MyProtein, and ambitious to help to keep promoting student ‘Health & Well-being’!