Red Bull


Welcome Bags Packs of 4 – Sept 2017
Sampling packs of 4 (can you make it) – Jan 2018
Welcome Boxes Packs of 4 (Keys to the City) – Sept 2018
Welcome Boxes Single Cans – Sept 2019
Poster Campaign – Can You Make It – 2019

Sampling for RedBull began back in 2017, when they wanted to get their products directly into the hands and homes of students. Redbull went the extra step, and students were gifted with – not one – but a four-pack of RedBull inside their ‘Welcome Bags’! Students showed genuine gratitude for this, with a ‘Can you make it?’ sampling campaign following shortly after in January 2018. The ‘Can you make it?’ campaign involved 24 cans of Redbull being used as currency in exchange for food, travel and other adventures!

Students received ‘keys’ to their city, via a Redbull Freshers’ campaign in September 2018. Once again, each student was gifted a 4-pack of Redbull, with marketing material to pass on the ‘keys’. Each ‘key’ was a RedBull-recommended place for students to celebrate culture, music, shopping and more. The idea was to make first-year students feel comfortable in their new city…or any other city they might find themselves in later on!

For Freshers’ 2019, Redbull requested that the students taste their products at their best – chilled. The Student Marketing Company placed a can of RedBull in each student’s fridge – or 4 cans in student-shared kitchens – and this enabled the students to enjoy the product how it should be, chilled, and straight from the fridge. The students loved this, and a noticeable engagement began to take place.

At the Manchester Metropolitan University Welcome Weekend later  in 2019, hundreds of students attended and flocked around the famous Redbull converted Mini, enjoying once again free, chilled Redbull on-campus.

Well the world turned once again, and it was soon time for the next ‘Can you Make It?’ campaign.  This time, we wanted to get the students on board for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Knowing just how powerful and rewarding they are, we advised Redbull to take up  one of our strategic nationwide poster campaigns, to really hit those high footfall locations and receive maximum exposure. Result? Yet another storming success!

RedBull… what will you bring to us next?\


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