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The Student Marketing Company began working with Sky Mobile in August 2019. We are proud to say, SkyMobile is the first phone contract provider we have partnered up with. 

SkyMobile wanted to create brand awareness of their 25% student initiative they had in place. A key barrier during this campaign was that most students already had a contract in place, so the idea was to target students whose contracts were ending or getting students to switch from their current provider. 

We rolled out another one of our nationwide 360 campaigns over November, to prep students for their Black Friday deal, and December. The campaign was a success with thousands of redemptions, and SkyMobile rebooked for a ‘Re-Freshers’ campaign in January 2020. TSMC are currently in talks with Sky Mobile discussing campaign strategies for September freshers and onwards into 2021.

Reaching out to students is quite often a challenge as they tend to behave like smaller tribes with various interests and ever changing communication channels. Thanks to the Student Marketing Company, we were able to directly reach hundreds of thousands of students, build brand awareness amongst the student community and drive incremental sales.”

Sky Mobile, Marketing Director.

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