Poster Campaign January 2017 (Bonobo – Migration)
Poster Campaign September 2017

ClientBrainfeeder RecordsServicesUni Welcome BoxesYear2019

The Student Marketing Company were really excited to help the London-based indie label, Ninja Tune, to promote three of their acclaimed artists’ new releases. Ninja Tune’s goal was to release music that’s different –  music of a more underground and experimental nature – and they wanted students to join them in their world of upcoming, unique artists. 

The Student Marketing Company ran Ninja Tune’s first-ever poster campaign back in 2017 to promote new artist Thundercat’s forthcoming album: ‘Drunk’. The campaign was simple, black-and-white artwork, evoking a sense of tranquility, much in keeping with his music. A following successful campaign engendered further bookings. Ninja Tune have since booked many more campaigns with The Student Marketing Company to promote new artists and albums; such as the likes of Bonobo, Bicep et al.

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