The Student Marketing Company executed a campaign to distribute 100,000 packs of their new ‘Lost The Pot’ noodles and 150,000 packs of LifeBuoy hand sanitiser wipes into student accommodations.

This multifaceted campaign included full-size free sample packs distributed inside student accommodation across the UK, where they were placed into shared kitchens, living rooms, and communal spaces.

Posters & Flyers
The sampling was backed up via brand awareness campaign using our network of poster frames in the UK, which worked really well with students talking about them in our focus groups.

For Lifebuoy Unilever also included a flyer, which was distributed alongside the samples as well as being placed into student letterboxes.

Focus Groups & Taste tests
The Student Marketing Company ran several focus groups with questions provided by Unilever on both the Pot Noodles and LifeBuoy samples. This provided valuable insights into whether these products are used among students and their reasons for why/why not.